You can take advantage of our instant booking services at the bottom of this page. Please note that once we receive your online booking, you will be sent a PayPal deposit invoice. Once the deposit payment is completed, your booking is confirmed. The balance is due on the date of your event.

Our services include: 

  1. One of our most popular designs

    One of our most popular designs

    Bridal Henna – please email us to receive a PDF of our bridal packages. 

  2. Destination Bridal Henna or Event – please email us for a PDF of our destination henna packages or visit Mehndi Paradise for more information.
  3. Prenatal Henna – we offer belly decoration in our home-studio Monday-Friday via Instant Booking
  4. Henna Crowns – Henna Lounge was one of the first to offer designs for chemotherapy patients. Visit us in our home-studio and beautify your baldness! Monday – Friday via Instant Booking.
  5. Private Appointments – Custom henna designs or large-scale work at our home-studio Monday – Friday via Instant Booking.

**For walk-in appointments or quick services such as “lettering” or “temporary tattoos” please contact RoseGold.

Deposit Info:

Deposits are non-refundable but you may make one transfer to another date falling within 3 months of your original appointment. If we do not receive your deposit payment within 24 hours of invoicing, your Instant Booking will be cancelled.

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