Indigo for Hair


Use Indigo alone to maintain Black Hair



100+ grams Indigo powder

Hot water

1 raw egg (optional)

Pure Rosemary, Tea Tree or Lavender essential oil (optional)


Basic Paste Recipe:

  1. Add hot (not scalding) water to the 100 grams (or more for very long hair) of indigo powder and mix to a mashed potato consistency.
  2. Stir in an egg if desired, to condition hair and help the mix hold together better
  3. Let the mixture sit for 5 minutes
  4. Add a few drops of essential oil to the mix (optional)
  5. Protect your hairline, nape and ears with lotion or oil.
  6. Using gloves, apply the indigo paste to your hair, making sure you get the roots. Wipe away any indigo off your skin to avoid blueish stains.
  7. Cover hair with a plastic bag and let rest for one hour or more.
  8. Rinse thoroughly, and condition if desired. Leftover paste is not reusable.


We recommend purchasing organic indigo and supplies from

Indigo and Henna for a natural brown color and to cover grays:


100-200 grams Henna powder

50-100 grams Indigo powder

Distilled water, tea or coffee

Pure Essential Oil

One tablespoon olive or coconut oil (optional, as a conditioner)


Mix Henna Paste several hours in advance, according to recipe.

When you are ready to color your hair, mix 100 grams of indigo with hot water (this is ready to use immediately)

  • Protect your hairline, nape, and ears with Vaseline, lotion or oil.
  • Mix the henna paste and indigo paste together.
  • Using gloves apply the henna paste to your hair, starting the roots, working in small sections.
  • Wipe away any paste that touches your skin to avoid stains.
  • Cover with plastic and let rest 1-2 hours.
  • Rinse thoroughly. Avoid shampoo for a day or so if possible
  • Condition if desired.

Touch up monthly or as desired.

 If you have more than 30% grays, it may take a couple of applications to get your hair to exactly the color you want.  For very gray hair, you may also leave the paste on your hair longer than 2 hours.



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