Party Henna

In addition to the extensive bridal henna designs that Henna Lounge is famous for, we also enjoy doing parties. Small or medium sized motifs to suit every taste! Parties are $125/hour. Henna Lounge offers party henna services in the San Francisco Bay Area for Sangeets, mehndi nights, “hen” nights, baby showers, wedding showers, and corporate events. You can book instantly using our automated booking service.

THESE IMAGES ARE NOT AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD – if you wish to use an image for your site/blog/article please email me for information on licensing/pricing. Unauthorized use WILL be prosecuted.   “Pinners” please pin directly from this page.


2 thoughts on “Party Henna

  1. Hello! We are having a event on June 2 118 main at in Andover nj. This event among other things is to bring back business to historic Andover borough that was hit hard by sandy and hasn’t gotten the people back yet . I am inviting you to be a vendor at our event. All you need is a table and chairs and your supplies. You can charge whatever you like and offer whatever services you like and you keep all the money you make. We are asking that all vendors try to donate a little something for the marketing and money we put into creating the event. How much you want to donate is up to you If anything. Please email me for more information. I’m asking all vendors get back to me by we’d or thurs the latest so I can make the other flyers including all vendors names. We have some Bravo people and some Style network people involved as I have appeared on such shows as jerseylicious and Glam Fairy. I hope you will be part of our great event! Please email me asap

    • Dear Philomena, thanks so much for your comment. I am actually located in San Francisco and have another event that day, so New Jersey isn’t really feasible for me, but thanks for the invitation. Good luck! -Darcy

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